Disneyland Employees Can't Pay Rent


Disneyland employees may be working at the 'Happiest Place on Earth,' yet they can't afford basic expenses. Many love working for the mouse but some are facing homelessness and sleeping in their cars.

On November 6th, Anaheim voters will decided whether large hospitality businesses will have to pay their employees $18 an hour by 2022. It relieves some of the pressure, but to rent a basic apartment in Anaheim, a person would have to make $24 per hour just to get by. 

Disneyland came to an agreement with the city to return more than $200 million in tax breaks, but some have said that Disney only did this to avoid being affected by the ballot measure.

Many, if not all employees, are asking for a change along with more change in their pockets.

Bill Handel

Bill Handel

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