She'll Strike You Out in the Name of the Lord!


Did you see that curve?! Sister Mary Jo Sobiek put the Holy Ghost spin on it! Definitely was a father-to-son curve. And, she even bounced the ball off her bicep before throwing it! We don't want nun of that.

It was Marian Catholic High School night at the Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals game on Saturday night. Before each baseball game there is usually a special or notable individual who gets to throw out the first pitch. Well, Sister Mary Jo who is with Marian Catholic High School, was that individual who got to throw out the first pitch! Again, THAT HOLY GHOST SPIN!

Even White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito was dazzled at the pitch!


Giolito said, "She had a whole routine. She had it planned out. I was just lucky to be back there. She threw a perfect pitch."

And, guess how many runs she gave up?

Bill Handel

Bill Handel

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