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#CheapskateUniversity with Clark Howard

Clark Howard

Are you sick of those annoying Robocalls?  They're getting how can you combat them?  Also, what you should NOT buy at one of Clark's favorite places....Costco!   

Hear today's segment for all of the information and of course...the Deal O' The Week! 

Visit Clark's website and his Daily Deals site!  

Clark didn't forget the 'Deal O' The Week!'  

Virgin Mobile USA doing a special for August:  If you buy an iPhone, you get a year's service for $1 (unlimited talk /text/ data)  At the end of the year, if you stay with them it's $50 a month. CLICK HERE.

Two great deals on prescription eyeglasses.  Zenni Optical for $6.95 + shipping for prescription
glasses (frames/ lenses).  CLICK HERE. also has great deals! CLICK HERE.

Singapore Air, the world's best airline,  is offering a sale today out of LA to places all around Asia, starting in the mid $700s w/ junk fees included.  Business class fares also on sale  starting at $3500+ for round trip. CLICK HERE.

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