#TerrorintheSkies: The Reclining Seat Debate

Ah, at last, another #TerrorInTheSkies story, but don't worry, this one is not nearly as offensive as the last one! However, it has triggered a trending debate on reclining seats.

To elaborate, Pat Cassidy was seated on a Delta Airline flight when he pulled out his laptop and placed it on the tray in front of him.

Suddenly, the passenger in front of him reclined his seat, allegedly shattering his computer screen.

Of course, Cassidy was extremely angry, especially since the flight attendant was reported to be more accommodating to the reclining passenger than they were to his situation.

Frustrated and defeated, Cassidy posted multiple tweets tagging Delta Airlines regarding his side of the story, and they responded to his complaints with this:

Since Cassidy began posting about his unfavorable flying experience, the debate on whether or not people should be able to recline their seats without warning has gone viral, and while some think Cassidy was not in the wrong, others believe he put himself in that predicament.

Regardless, it seems people are split on the reclining seat debate, and specifically about who was wrong here. Listen in to hear what Gary and Shannon had to say about it!

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