LA County Supervisor Now Questioning Sheriff Villanueva's Judgment

An LA County Supervisor is questioning the new Los Angeles sheriff’s judgment in a series of re-hires. Sheriff Alex Villanueva has brought back at least six deputies who had been fired. Supervisor Sheila Kuehl says that these actions are hurting the public’s confidence.

"If I sound critical, it's because I am, but mostly it's because I'm worried." Sheila says, adding that she questions whether the new sheriffs actions make the public feel safe. "We are worried really. Not just about how it looks, but about what it might mean to be hiring back or reinstating deputies who have committed some serious acts." The cases include one deputy accused of domestic abuse, another accused of punching a man during an arrest.

"I've gotten a lot of calls and request from my constituents to help them understand how they can feel safe if he's hiring these people back."

Villanueva says Sheriffs before him fired deputies too easily. He says his actions are boosting morale in the department and he wishes to review hundreds of similar cases.

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