Gangs are Purchasing Ghost Guns Legally Online

Ghost guns are the newest craze for gang members. Members in LA have found a workaround to get their hands on high-powered machines - ordering online. ATF special agent in charge, Bill McMullen, says criminals are buying the parts and assembling them themselves as homemade guns.

"This is an emerging trend that is just continuing to increase."

All parts purchased online are completely legal as long as one has the knowledge to assemble a gun. 

LAPD Lieutenant Steve Embrich says that this trend was the common theme during his 6-month operation targeting gang members in Hollywood. 

"You can buy these without a background check, without a waiting of the trends that the LA Police department is seeing is that, [the guns] are starting to show up in the hands of criminals." 

He says the so-called ghost guns avoid background checks and serial numbers. The feds and LAPD officers seized about 50 guns and arrested ten people during a 6-month operation in Hollywood.

Officials say that even if California passes a law to block ghost guns, the parts will be available in other states.

Cops Seize Nearly 50 "Ghost Guns," Arrest 10 - Thumbnail Image

Cops Seize Nearly 50 "Ghost Guns," Arrest 10

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