Cops Seize Nearly 50 "Ghost Guns," Arrest 10

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms along with the Los Angeles Police Department say they have seized dozens of homemade "ghost guns" used by gang members to skirt the law. A spokesman for the LAPD says the parts to make the high-powered weapons are incredibly easy to find. 

"These ghost guns are partially manufactured, so there is some amount of work that needs to be completed at home. You can buy these without a background check, without a waiting period," the spokesman said. 

The so-called "ghost guns" are manufactured without serial numbers and don't require background checks. ATF Special Agent in Charge Bill McMullin says agents seized around 50 guns from a home in Hollywood. 

"Generally people can order these parts online to get shipped to their house, and if they have the tools in their house to put these piece together in these kits, they can make these weapons on their own," McMullen said. 

Agents say they also found drugs, body armor and money during the raid. At least ten people were arrested during the operation. 

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