AG Xavier Becerra Threatening to Arrest OC Sheriff for Helping ICE

It was announced earlier this week that the OC Sheriff's Department will start publicizing all inmate release dates, specifically posting information about detained illegals which is in direct violation of California's Sanctuary laws. 

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has responded with threats to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. 

Attorney General Xavier Becerra: State law is state law. And it is my job to enforce state law. I will do so. And we want to make sure that every jurisdiction including Orange County, understand what state law requires of the people and the sub divisions of the state of California. 

Reporter: Does that mean a lawsuit of the sheriff’s department or the arrest of the sheriff? 

Xavier Becerra: I think I just answered that. 

Meanwhile, President Trump has tweeted praise for Orange County after the board of supervisors voted unanimously to oppose sanctuary laws.

“My Administration stands in solidarity with the brave citizens in Orange County defending their rights against California’s illegal and unconstitutional Sanctuary policies,” Trump tweeted. “California’s Sanctuary laws release known dangerous criminals into communities across the State. All citizens have the right to be protected by Federal law and strong borders.”

"Look, the president is encouraging people to follow federal law," White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during Wednesday's briefing. "There's a reason that we have laws in this country, and he expects that individual cities and states should follow the federal law."

OC Sheriff's to Make Inmate Release Dates – Why This is Good for ICE  - Thumbnail Image

OC Sheriff's to Make Inmate Release Dates – Why This is Good for ICE

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