OC Sheriff's to Make Inmate Release Dates – Why This is Good for ICE

The OC Sheriff's Department announced this week that they will start immediately posting inmate release dates, including those here illegally, online and available to the public. Even more interesting, these release dates will be available to ICE Agents, totally circumventing the sanctuary laws. 

Undersheriff Don Barnes is revolting against SB54 which restricts local law enforcement from cooperating with federal agents to take down illegal immigrants who commit crimes. 

"We have an obligation to safeguard our community, and we will use every tool available to help hold criminals accountable," Barnes said Monday. "Our inability to relinquish these individuals to the custody of (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) causes them to be returned to the communities which they prey upon." 

ICE has yet to comment on the matter but since the law went into effect January 1, the Sheriff's Department released 172 illegals into the OC free and clear because sanctuary laws won't allow them to report the inmates to ICE. 

"ICE is going out and actively looking for them," Barnes said. "It would be easier for everyone involved and safer for the community and law enforcement if they were relinquished to the custody of ICE rather than returned to the community." 

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