Actor Corey Feldman Stabbed at Red Light in Tarzana

Actor Corey Feldman Stabbed at Red Light in Tarzana

TARZANA (CNS) - Police today are investigating what they believe is a possible road-rage attack on actor Corey Feldman, who reported that someone confronted him in his car in Tarzana while he was at a red light and stabbed him, though no wound was found when he was checked at a hospital. 

Feldman said the attack occurred around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of Reseda and Ventura boulevards, said Officer Drake Madison of the Los Angeles Police Department's Media Relations Division. Feldman told police that he was stopped at a red light, with his bodyguard in the passenger seat, when someone opened the driver's side door and made stabbing motions with an unknown object toward his abdomen, Madison said. 

Feldman, 46, drove himself to a hospital and was treated and released, according to Madison.

``There was no laceration to Feldman's abdomen,'' the officer said.Madison said police have no knowledge of any other possible injuries, and investigators are in the process of trying to confirm what happened. The Blast, a celebrity news site, reported that Feldman now believes he may have been punctured with a syringe, and is being tested to make sure he did not get injected with any sort of virus. 

LAPD spokesman Officer Luis Garcia said early this afternoon that police believe the incident may have been a case of road rage that occurred after Feldman's passenger ``shined a flashlight at a vehicle they thought was following them.

''On his Twitter page, Feldman wrote, ``Im in the hospital! I was attacked 2nite! A man opened my car door & stabbed me w something! Please say prayers 4 us! ???????? Thank God it was only myself & my security in the car, when 3 men approached! While security was distracted w a guy a car pulled & attacked! I'm OK!''

Later, he added: ``LAPD r currently investigating the case as an attempted homicide! I have mounting threats on all sm platforms by this vile `wolfpack' & this Im sure is a result of those negative actions! I have reason 2 believe its all connected! enough is enough! How sick r these ppl?!?''

According to The Blast, ``it was Feldman's constant fear of being attacked that may have led to a misunderstanding that resulted in road rage and landed the actor in the hospital.''

Feldman's attorney, Perry Wander, told The Blast: ``My client's paranoid because he's got a lot of threats online, there's a lot of haters out there, and a lot of people upset that have been outed as child molesters.''

He said Feldman ``filed a formal police report that three young Hispanic males jumped out of their vehicle and attempted to instigate a fight with Mr. Feldman's security guard, and while the security guard got out of the vehicle and was distracted one of the males approached Corey Feldman's side of the vehicle opened his door and attacked him with a sharp object.''

``Because it was dark it's not clear exactly what it was,'' the attorney said, adding that the LAPD interviewed the security guard ``and he corroborated my client's story.''

Last year, Feldman filed a report with the LAPD, alleging he was molested as a child actor, but the department announced in November that the allegation was beyond the statute of limitations and could not be investigated further.

Corey Feldman Tries to Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring, Nearly Dies? - Thumbnail Image

Corey Feldman Tries to Expose Hollywood Pedophile Ring, Nearly Dies?

Early last month, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office confirmed that no charges would be filed against Feldman, who was accused of sexual battery by an unnamed woman who filed a police report with the LAPD on Jan. 8. She claimed the actor committed the sexual battery on her on Feb. 4, 2017, reportedly by grabbing her buttocks.

Feldman denied the allegation, tweeting ``The truth will set us free'' in posting a news story about the city attorney's rejection of the claim in early February. He also tweeted that ``lying about sexual harassment is also a crime of perjury, & though we must take each claim seriously, we also can't run around making up things, & those making false claims must also B investigated.''

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