U.K. Betmaker LadBrokes Accepting Bets For Trump's Impeachment

(KFI) - Over the last few months, President Trump has proven to be nothing if not a controversial figure in the world of politics. However, it's controversies (like with Mike Flynn's resignation over contacts with the Russian Ambassador) coupled with low polling numbers, scandals and protests that have fueled a betting frenzy in the U.K. that Trump will not finish out his term. Ladbrokes, a U.K. Betting House that takes bets on just about anything, are currently taking wagers from punters on we might see President Trump resign or be impeached before his first term comes to an end. 

The odds for an impeachment to happen are being given a 4/5 chance as of Friday afternoon. Ladbrokes Spokesperson Jessica Bridge said in a statement that:

"The money is showing no signs of slowing down and we’ve been forced to cut Trump’s impeachment odds accordingly. We’ve taken five times the amount of bets on him failing to see out his full term than on him doing so. Ladbrokes didn’t even offer odds on Obama being impeached or resigning, which speaks volumes about the current President.”

Dates on when people believe Trump might be replaced carry their own odds. For example, Ladbrokes is taking 7/2 for 2017; 9/2 for 2018; 8/1 2019; and 16/1 for 2020. If Trump were to receive a second term, Ladbrokes is carrying odds for those years too. You'll get 7/4 for 2021; 33/1 for 2022; 40/1 for 2023; 50/1 for 2024 and 5/1 for 2025 or anything after that. 

There's no specific story that seem to be driving the odds - just money and a wave of seemingly never-ending controversies for the President. After Trump's travel ban failed to pass muster in court twice, and the Healthcare bill didn't come to a vote, Trump has seen his approval rating go down faster than any other modern President.

Most Americans have disapproved of his actions while president with the exception on how they think he's taken on the economy according to a Gallup poll released last week

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