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This Easter, Please Don't Buy a Bunny as a Gift

Photo: Kribs for Kritters Rescue

Easter is coming and this is our plea to you to NOT BUY YOUR KID A RABBIT for it. (Also...do NOT buy baby chicks!)


Experts say rabbits are NOT 'low-maintenance' pets. They will live anywhere from 8-12 years have specific dietary concerns, they need clean, specific indoor housing, and vet care for them can be expensive. They're also not ideal pets for small kids because they can be easily spooked by an energetic child and yes, they can bite.

So, what starts as an 'Aww, it'll be so cute' idea, ends up with people suddenly realizing just how much care rabbits need and how expensive it can get, and then the rabbits get dumped in shelters, or worse, in local parks.

Riverside County Department of Animal Services Spokesperson Kerri Mabee told City News Service:

"We encourage parents and anyone who is considering the idea of gifting a bunny on Easter to do their homework. Bunnies, like any pet, require a commitment of care to include special food and supplies. So, it's important to make sure there is a shared awareness of the responsibilities and the expense of caring for a bunny as a pet. It's a responsibility that will extend past the holiday for sure."

Jude Ferguson runs a rabbit rescue group called Kribs for Kritters in Lake Elsinore. She says the group always sees an increase in dumped rabbits after Easter, especially when they start getting bigger and more hormonal. Jude joined Amy on Wake Up Call this morning to talk about it, listen to that interview below.

If you are ready to take on ALL the responsibilities of owning and caring for a rabbit, then don't buy one, ADOPT one from a local shelter or rescue like Kribs For Kritters and check out this list of tips from Chewy about caring for rabbits.

Check out Kribs For Kritters adoptable rabbits.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @Kribs_For_Kritters

Meet Bartleby, one of the rabbits up for adoption at Kribs For Kritters. Photo: Kribs for Kritters rescue

Meet Pumpernickel, one of the bunnies available for adoption at Kribs For Kritters RescuePhoto: Kribs For Kritters Rescue

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