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Sip & Stroll in CA? Check out the Surprising Plan

Outdoor Socialising Begins Again In Scotland As Lockdown Measures Are Eased

Photo: Peter Summers / Getty Images News / Getty Images

California State Senator Scott Wiener (D-CA) has proposed a bill aimed at revitalizing local economies by enabling restaurants and bars to sell alcoholic beverages in designated public areas, termed 'entertainment zones.'

This initiative, laid out in Senate Bill 969 (SB 969), seeks to amend current restrictions that prevent restaurants and bars from offering alcohol for on-the-go consumption, a policy contrast beginning with the onset of the pandemic.

Wiener argues that such a change is crucial for revitalizing downtown districts, which have seen a decline in business following the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. And to that end Weiner emphasized the following in his statement:

"Getting people back out in the streets is key to the economic recovery of cities across California. By creating Entertainment Zones, we’re giving people a reason to go back to areas where recovery has been slow while creating a vital new revenue stream for bars and restaurants."

By aligning the privileges of restaurants and bars with those of other businesses regarding alcohol sales, SB 969 aims to foster an increase in foot traffic and, consequently, economic activity in urban centers.

The legislation reflects a broader push to alter and extend temporary measures introduced during the pandemic to provide continued support to the hospitality industry.

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