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WHO'S A GOOD BOY? Buddy Holly Is Best In Show!

147th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Presented by Purina Pro Plan

Photo: Getty Images

Who's a good boy?

Buddy Holly is!

Well, they were ALL good boys and girls last night at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, but Buddy Holly, a petit basset griffon Vendéen, won the top honor, Best In Show.

Buddy beat out the other six finalists: Rummie the Pekingese, Winston the French Bulldog, Ribbon the Australian Shepherd, Cider the English setter, Monty the giant Schnauzer, and Trouble the American Staffordshire terrier.

Let's break down the name. Petit basset griffon Vendéen (PBGV for short) originated in France. "Petit" means small, "basset" means low to the ground, "griffon" describes the curly, wiry coat, and “Vendéen” refers to the area of France where the breed originated. They were bred to hunt game by scent and have traditionally been rabbit hunters. (Watch out, Bugs!)

They were introduced to the US in the 1970s and were recognized by the AKC as a breed in 1990. They are known for being high-energy, 'incredibly happy,' very vocal (meaning they will bark for almost any reason...to alert you, to warn you, to play, etc.), independent, charming, and silly. They are small dogs, between 13-15 inches in height, and weigh about 25-40 pounds. They have a life expectancy of 14-16 years. They are good with small children and wonderful family dogs that love to please their people,

Buddy's handler and co-owner, Janice Hayes, says Buddy's purpose in life is to 'make you laugh every day.'

Congratulations Buddy!

ABC News' Daria Albiner was there last night, and she joined Jennifer Jones Lee on Wake Up Call this morning to talk about it!

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