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Studio Aims To Change Hollywood's Distribution Model

Everyone loves a good inspirational movie. Well, this is a great one hitting theaters this summer.

I CAN is the true story of Katelyn Pavey, a young woman born with one arm who becomes an All-American athlete playing college softball on a full scholarship. The movie inspires people to follow their dreams, no matter the obstacles they have to overcome.

The studio behind this movie is Kappa Studios, a landmark post-production studio right here in Burbank that's a hub for independent filmmakers across the country. They offer full post-production services (editing, sound design, color grading and visual effects), non-profit funding on select projects, and creative and technical mentoring.

But what's really cool about them is their launch of a new distribution model that will take Hollywood's traditional distribution model and turn it upside down in a really good way.

Brad Silverman, Chief Content Officer for Kappa says:

"Through our newly formed Kappa Distribution, filmmakers begin to receive revenue from the moment the first returns come in as opposed to waiting until after the investors fully recoup. In addition to our revenue sharing from dollar one, we also open a joint saving account with the filmmaker so they can see exactly how much money their project has earned for full transparency."

Paul Long, founder, and president of Kappa Studios, says:

"Many independent filmmakers are crushed and sidelined by their experiences with traditional distributors. Unless their title is a runaway hit, there’s rarely a way for them to make back any money. We hope to change that. Also, instead of taking away all control of the projects, we work closely as a team with filmmakers for the best outcomes, plus provide them a percentage of all monies from the very start.” 

Jen talked to Paul and Brad this morning about what they're doing with Kappa Studios, the movie I CAN and how the writer's strike is affecting their business check out that interview below!

Find out more about the movie HERE and more about Kappa Studios HERE.

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