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Is There A Fountain Of Youth For Dogs?

Photo: Loyal.com (used with permission)

Let's face it, we're all animal lovers on this show and we know most of our listeners are as well and we all heard the old adage that 'one human year is seven dog years.'

We all go into pet ownership knowing that we will outlive our pets and we all dread that heartbreaking moment when we have to say goodbye. But what if we could have more time? Well, we're not the only ones thinking about that.

Celine Halioua, Founder and CEO of Loyal, a clinical-stage veterinary medicine company, is actively doing research to create drugs to help dogs live longer, healthier lives. Her dog, Della, a 10-year-old Rottweiler is showing signs of her age and like all of us she would love to find a way to help her. Right now they're in the testing phase of drugs for dogs to see if they can help them age better and ultimately live longer lives.

Halioua told the San Francisco Chronicle:

"We want to give people more time with the pets they love. Everyone has stories of beloved pets gone too soon. Pet parents want to help other pet parents. People wanted to be involved because they wanted their dog to contribute to science, even if it was too late for their own dog to have a longer, healthier life."

She also says their research could eventually help humans too.

"A drug to help dogs be healthier longer isn't one-to-one to help people, but could teach us about how to help humans age better."

Celine joined Jennifer this morning to talk about her company and what they're doing, check out the interview below.

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