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Ex-MMA Trainer Fights Off Kangaroo That Attacked His Dogs

A kangaroo messed with the wrong set of dogs when it ventured into an Australian man's yard.


Because that home and those dogs belong to ex-MMA trainer Cliff Dess.

Dess says the kangaroo came into his yard and began to harass his pets before turning its attention onto him.

Video shows Dess running from the kangaroo before grabbing a stick and hitting it to protect himself.

In a later interview with 9News Australia, Dess said the stick wasn't doing much to deter the animal so he turned to his particular set of skills.

He was able to grab the kangaroo and wrestle it to the ground to subdue it.

An impressive feat, but Dess said he wasn't unscathed in the fight; he ended up with a gouge in his head and leg and a bitten finger.

The kangaroo was uninjured.

He also told 9News that after the initial attack, the kangaroo tried to go after his dogs again 20 minutes later before finally leaving the yard.

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