Georgia Charter School Brings Back Paddling As Punishment

A charter school in Hephzibah, Georgia has officially reinstated "paddling" as a form of punishment after one third of parents signed consent forms agreeing to the new rules.

The Georgia School of Innovation and the Classics recently sent Kindergarten through 9th-grade parents forms that explained their new paddling policy. The school says they received almost 100 forms back agreeing to the new rules, but most parents did not give consent.


But for the students that have parents that did agree to the new policy, they will be held to a new three-strike rule. This rule states that the kids will have two "behavior warnings" until they are paddled on their third.

The school says the third-strike punishment will be given in a closed room with another adult witness present.

However, for the parent's that didn't sign those consent forms... Their children will instead receive a 5-day suspension from the school.

How do you feel about school administrators paddling your kids? And do you think it's fair to suspend a student for 5 days if their parent doesn't agree to paddling?

Read the full story on WRDW News.

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