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Trump Says Undocumented Migrants Are 'Poisoning the Blood of Our Country'

Former President Trump Speaks To The Media After Court Appearance In Hush Money Case

Photo: Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Former President Trump has once again grabbed headlines for his steadfast championing of the deportation of undocumented immigrants as a central focus of his campaigns, reflecting his stance from his initial 2016 bid. 

His chief immigration advisor, Stephen Miller, has detailed a strategy that includes mobilizing a substantial force, possibly including National Guard troops, to apprehend undocumented migrants, transfer them to camps in Texas, and ultimately deport them.  

Trump has committed to initiating what he terms “the biggest domestic deportation campaign in American history” on the first day of a potential new presidency.  

In his 2024 campaign, Trump is aggressively targeting California, pledging to implement significant changes on matters such as the environment, immigration, and LGBTQ rights if he secures another term. 

Furthermore, in the latest development concerning Donald Trump, an appeals court has provided him with a partial reprieve by significantly reducing the $454 million bond he was mandated to post in his New York civil fraud case on Monday. 

 “It will be my honor to post, and we’ll post whatever is necessary, whether it be cash, security or bond,” Trump, 77, told reporters as he walked out of Manhattan court for a hearing in his separate “hush money” criminal case. 

The Republican presidential nominee found himself at a crossroads, with the weighty decision of either paying a staggering sum or posting a $454 million bond by Monday. This choice comes as he continues to fight against a substantial judgment issued by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron just last month. 

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