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Beverly Hills Locals Frustrated Over Party-Crazed Squatters

Beverly Hills mansions landscape aerial view -Los Angeles California

Photo: dszc / iStock / Getty Images

Residents of Beverly Hills are speaking out over a multi-million dollar home that squatters have allegedly taken over. The property has since become a troublesome party house. The problem has been ongoing for months, with residents reporting issues dating back to October 2023. Despite this, they feel that they have nowhere to turn.

According to one of the residents living in the area who spoke with CBS Los Angeles KCAL News, "Clearly, enough is enough. We're very concerned for the safety of people who live here."

The property's listing broker, John Woodward, described the situation with the squatters as a nightmare, stating that they had changed the locks and gate code.

The $4.5 million, 6,000-square-foot home has been taken over by a group of people who hold weekly parties, as evidenced by neighborhood videos showing multi-colored lights in the windows and people roaming around at night.

Legal action is complicated due to the uncertain ownership status of a luxurious home in Los Angeles, which was previously owned by a disgraced orthopedic surgeon accused of a Medicare insurance scam and murder. The current owner, listed as MDRCA Properties, LLC., filed for bankruptcy in 2023, and it's unclear who owns the property.

A private investigator hired by one of the neighbors discovered that the house had been occupied by squatters who claimed to have leased it for one year at $25,000, including utilities.

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