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Newsom Carries Out Dopey CA Tour Targeting Oil & Promoting Woke Projects

Governor Gaslight Gavin Newsom had a doozy of a day today trying to punish oil companies and touting a lithium battery drill site.

This lunatic is clearly testing the waters for Presidential run. Good luck with that.

From KCRA:

Gov. Gavin Newsom visited Imperial Valley on Monday to get an update on the progress being made toward lithium production.
Imperial Valley, located along the border with Mexico and east of San Diego, contains some of the largest lithium deposits in the world, earning the nickname “Lithium Valley.”
One of the deposits is underground near the Salton Sea.
Lithium is essential for battery production, and as California looks to transition more toward electric cars, the state’s energy commission had estimated there’s enough lithium to meet future demand, even across the country.

Newsom also went on attack against the oil industry. Newsom is now going to the state’s 120 legislators and asking them to please create a new bureaucracy to have the power to tax gasoline and diesel fuel.

This is also happening while the Governor is out in Imperial County claiming the lithium mining can help us all get an electric vehicle.

This means they get to decide what you drive, where you drive and how much you drive.

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