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A New York City Hotel and Their Migrant Crisis

The city of Manhattan continues their efforts to relocate the migrants from outside a Hell's Kitchen hotel to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook.

But some of the migrants claim that they'd rather be on the sidewalk, in the snowy, freezing and cold climate, than a shelter in Brooklyn. 

A group of men are still camped out in front of a New York hotel, [blocking the path way too many and making it look like an encampment zone].

According to the The city's Immigrant Affairs Commissioner, Manuel Castro, he has sent a bus at the Watson Hotel with a small group of men and went to the Brooklyn shelter together, but that didn't change the migrants' minds of leaving the premiss.

ABC7 NY, stated that “some of the migrants and activists say the conditions are uninhabitable at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal,” and how the weather is cold, and with not “enough bathrooms, that it's isolated, and that they don't like the congregate setting.”

The city has disproved those claims, by stating that there is free ride-transportation, plenty of bathrooms and how the weather is controlled.

Mayor Eric Adams denied the “standoff" outside Hotel and suggested those remaining outside are actually protesters.

"There are some agitators that just really, I think are doing a disservice to the migrants and doing a disservice to the children and families we are moving into the hotels," Adams said. "We are moving children and families into the hotel. Single adult males all over the city are living in congregate settings, single adult males, children and families, we don't want to put them in congregate settings."

Adams said over 1,000 people were in the hotel and majority of them relocated.

The mayor spoke to President Biden about the border during his visit to NYC as he [ informed him on how his] coordination, having someone that's going to coordinate the entire effort that we have to deal with this crisis,” said Adams. 

Those migrants who moved to the 1,000-bed facility in Brooklyn tell ABC7 NY, that they're comfortable, happy and thankful for a place to sleep.

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