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Too Much Water for California?

Is California dealing with too much water accumulation from the heavy rainfall? This could be true since the "The Golden State” has been dealing with cloudy and wet skies for the past few weeks. This has brought an estimated 33 billion gallons of stormwater that has drenched down on Californians and caused major flooding throughout the state.

This pushed officials to take matters into action for the excess water coming from reservoirs and the pumping surging river flows into storage.

The topic of conversation right now is surrounding on what could be done to help retain water from the recent rainfall to help avoid another drought. 

The idea include, some agricultural areas, particularly among Republicans, Democrats and supported by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

This is due to the amount of water going to waste that ultimately ends up in the ocean floor and even though, we have gathered a lot of water from the recent rain, many experts claim that the drought is still in effect.

There is already plans for California to begin new construction of a reservoir in the Bay Area in 2014, that could help with the pumping of water.

According to Politico, L.A. County is working to build wells to help grab as much river water as possible and with “two reservoirs that already began using real-time forecasts to take better advantage of California’s winter storms.”

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