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L.A. County Prepares To Declare Homeless Emergency

Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors are expected to declare the homelessness crisis a local emergency.

The announcement is to go in close association with recently elected, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass’ plan, to assist with the implemented issues the board has approved last month.

However, the board is considering a new declaration on their own. Yet, focusing on the similar issue on homelessness that the city of Long Beach City Council is noticing in their area.

According to Daily News, "Los Angeles and Long Beach represent the two largest cities in L.A. County, many other smaller cities in the county are also struggling" to [fix the problem]. Board motion Supervisors Lindsey Horvath and Kathryn Barger added, that “these smaller cities can permit new affordable housing in their jurisdictions through their land use powers, but in many cases rely on the county for funding and homelessness services. Without a coordinated effort between cities and the county we will not be able to effectively address homelessness.

The county staff is expected to provide the tools and services to help end the issue and make it a priority to hire staff to help with the goal. The focus is to direct the individuals to housing programs and to bring in more shelter beds or permanent housing .

In six months, the motions requires a follow-up on the effort so that a new decision can be determined to continue with the emergency declaration.

CLICK HERE to read Karen Bass' Declaration!

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