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Kevin de Leon To Univision: "No, I will not resign."

What a twist ! This is like a dumb Halloween movie where the bad guys never die.

Kevin de Leon just went on friendly LA spanish media and said he ain't quitting.

Noticero Univision just released an excerpt of the interview:

“I’m so sorry. I am excessively sorry, and that is why I apologize to all my people, to my entire community, for the damage caused by the painful words that were carried out that day last year,” De León said in the interview with Noticiero Univision anchor León Krauze, according to the transcript. The interview was conducted at Univision 34’s studio in Los Angeles.
“No, I will not resign, because there is a lot of work ahead,” De León said, citing the homelessness crisis.
De Leon also said that he is “sorry for the damage, for the wounds that exist today in our communities.”

There are plenty of rea$on$ why KDL and Cedillo refuse to quit.

This from LA Mag:

In 2021, Martinez, Cedillo, and de León all made about $218,000 in base pay, according to Transparent California, a database of salary and pension information for public employees in the state. The database listed benefits for Cedillo and de León at about $80,000; it put Martinez’s benefits package at over $87,000. Resigning immediately halts these checks.

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