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Fountain Valley residents don't feel safe with growing homeless encampments

Fountain Valley is another area greatly affected by the homeless camps along the Santa Ana river trail, and last week about 200 residents packed the house at a meeting over the matter.

Police Chief Kevin Childe promised to "make things right" for homeowners and renters, but added "there are some things I can't solve."

Residents told stories of having cans filled with pee and poop thrown at them, and of homeless people bathing in their pools.

One homeowner said:

“I don’t think people understand what it’s like. I am in prison behind shuttered doors and windows.”

People who complain to the police about feeling unsafe are just sent in circles. They're told to contact the sheriffs, who tell them to contact code enforcement, who just send them back to the police. It's awful!

Enough of this jurisdictional finger pointing crap, why is nothing being done?! Fountain Valley resident Jeanina Cole joined us this afternoon to discuss the meeting and what it's like in her neighborhood:

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