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'Sanctuary State' bill sent to Governor Brown

SB 54, the dangerous 'sanctuary state' bill from Kevin de León, is now awaiting the Governor's signature to become law.

The bill will limit cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. And even though Governor Brown had de León make some changes to the measure, it's still awful and opposed by the majority in law enforcement, including the California State Sheriffs’ Association.

Crooked Kevin de León said:

"Californians will not squander public safety dollars to tear families apart."

It's such a phony argument to say that this measure will keep families from being ripped apart, what a crock that is! State Senator Joel Anderson (R-San Diego) isn't buying that line either:

“It shields much more than dreamers. It continues to shield criminals in our jails.”

It'll be no surprise when Brown signs the bill, but it's still not clear how the Trump administration will act when the bill becomes law.

SB 54 prohibits all law enforcement from using their resources to enforce immigration laws. It forbids sheriffs, who run jails in California, from holding a person in jail for ICE longer than their release date.

It also limits when sheriffs are able to talk to ICE. Communication is barred unless an inmate has been convicted of one of a list of 800 crimes in the last 15 years.

Senator Joel Anderson (R-San Diego) joined us with more on SB 54 this afternoon:

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