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Congestion Pricing: Toll roads being touted as way to reduce LA traffic

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Road Diets are already an evil plan, but there's another even more foul idea brewing in the bowls of Los Angeles. The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is promoting something called "congestion pricing" as a way to reduce the city's traffic.

Congestion pricing would charge drivers a toll to use certain roads during rush hour. And of course, proponents point to cities like London and Stockholm where they're used successfully.

But Los Angeles is not like those European cities. People commute all over Southern California, and charging to use certain roads during rush hour would be insane.

SCAG Executive Director Hasan Ikhrata told KPCC:

"We're not going to build any more freeways in Southern California. We have to make the system we have work for us, and if you don't price the system right, it's not going to work."

Ikhrata and all of the other lame beard-scratchers want non-L.A. residents to be charged a variable toll to pass through certain areas. The money would be invested in mass transit or go to creating more walking and biking space.

Ikhrata hopes the idea will catch on:

"The more facts are on the table, the more congestion we are experiencing, the more likely these ideas can take hold."

This man is a crazy person. We already pay for those roads, and it would be unfair to lower-income people who depend on them every day.

Hasan Ikhrata is a former Soviet planner. Here's a bit about him just so you're aware of who we're dealing with:

"Hasan also worked abroad for the Government of USSR, Moscow Metro Corporation, where he conducted subway ridership forecasting, engineering design and analysis of TDM programs for the Moscow Subway system. Hasan holds a bachelor's degree from Moscow University in the former Soviet Union and master's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and is a Ph.D. candidate in Urban Planning from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles."

He also is a proponent of putting "black boxes" in cars and tracking every mile motorists drive. All this guy cares about is taking your money and telling you how to live your life.

Evil! Click here to read more about him.

Click here to read more about congestion pricing.

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