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Creep who murdered Sacramento County Sheriff benefited from AB 109

Hayward Police Department

(Thomas Daniel Littlecloud - Hayward Police Department)

Last week Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy Robert French, a 21-year veteran of the department, was brutally murdered by felon who was free to roam the streets thanks to AB 109.

On Wednesday, auto theft task force investigators from the CHP and the Sacramento Sheriff's department were following up on reports of a stolen BMW. They located the car at a hotel and saw two women drive off.

They identified the driver as as Priscilla Prendez, who was booked on auto theft and felony evading charges. When they returned to the hotel, they found 32-year-old Thomas Daniel Littlecloud waiting for them. He opened fire and struck Deputy French.

Littlecloud drove off, but eventually crashed and died from his wounds from the shootout. If it weren't for AB 109, Littlecloud would still be in prison and Deputy French would still be alive.

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Deputy Robert French

(Deputy Robert French - Sacramento County Sheriff's Department)

Littlecloud served three prior state prison sentences:

  • A one-year term for grand theft
  • A 16-month term for vehicle theft
  • A six-year prison term for assault with a semi-automatic weapon

The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs details his violent past more, and how our state failed:

"Following a three-year 2013 prison term for evading a police officer and possession of a gun, the suspect was placed on Post Release Community Supervision in Alameda County, where he promptly violated the conditions of release. A bench warrant from Alameda County was out for his arrest on December 15, 2016, when he led police officers in Sonoma County on a foot chase after they discovered the warrant. After being apprehended, a loaded handgun was found in his jacket, as well as a knife he admitted to officers he had planned to use to attack a police K-9. The car he fled from contained a loaded handgun, meth, heroin, prescription pills, fraudulent ids and fraudulent bank cards.

That arrest apparently led to a federal indictment in June 2016, as well as charges in Sonoma County. However, he was released from custody on bail from the federal case in August 2016 and never showed up to court for arraignment in Sonoma County.  

Prior to AB 109, a no bail warrant for a violation of parole would have been issued for Littlecloud and served upon him following his December 2016 arrest. He would have remained in custody while awaiting both resolution of his new criminal cases and a parole revocation hearing that, based on his continued criminality, would have resulted in a one-year return to state prison. Most importantly, he would not have been on the streets in August, 2017 and able to murder Deputy French..."

When will Jerry Brown and the rest of our state legislature wake up and admit that AB 109 is a major problem? People are dying! First Officer Keith Boyer, and now Deputy Robert French.

How many more need to die?

Read more at the Sacramento Bee.

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