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Tinder date ends with woman stuck in window trying to grab her own poop

An awkward first date in the UK ended with a woman getting stuck in a window after she tried to grab her own poop. So, what the heck happened?

Liam Smyth took his tinder date to Nando's, a UK chicken chain, in Bristol. After that they went back to his apartment to hang out.

His date got up to use the bathroom, but she soon returned in a panic. Smyth said she went for a poo in his toilet, but the toilet wouldn't flush. So then she reached into the bowl, wrapped the poo in tissue paper, and threw it out the window.

But the poop didn't quite make it all the way out the window. It's funky design caused the poo bundle to get stuck between a gap between two panes.

Smyth's date crawled into the gap and got the poo out, but then she got stuck inside. After about 15 minutes of trying to get her out, Smyth had to call the fire department to rescue her.

A spokesperson for Avon Fire and Rescue said:

“We received a call at 22:41 to one female trapped between interior and exterior glass. Two crews were sent from Temple station and she was rescued using hand tools."

They had to smash the glass to get her out, and Smyth set up a GoFundMe to cover the costs.

Despite the crappy first date, Smyth says they met up again for another go at it:

“We did go and meet for a drink to discuss setting up the crowdfunder. She’s a lovely girl. I’m not sure what’s going to happen — I’m really busy with my dissertation at the moment — but I’d certainly be open to seeing her again.”

Any extra money from Smyth's GoFundMe will go to the local firefighters' charity and to an organization that gives flushing toilets to people in developing countries.

Click here for more at the New York Post.

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