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Long commutes are compromising CA's climate change fight

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Living in California is expensive as hell, so people have to move farther and farther away from the cities. That means more driving and more sitting in traffic. But California leaders don't want people driving their cars, and they keep cramming their climate agendas down out throats with tax after tax after tax.

The state has set some pretty hefty climate goals for itself, but it looks like long commute times are hindering that effort.

California is doing a good job of reducing greenhouse gases, but the rate of progress is slowing down. Emissions fell by a tiny 0.3% in 2015, the last year for which there are figures.

Colleen Kredell, research director at Next 10, a San Francisco think tank that studies environmental and economic issues, told the Sacramento Bee:

“People are driving more and people are having to drive further distances. We have a stronger economy today; we also have lower gas prices, so more cars are on the road.”

We already live in a state that wages war on its drivers, so how far are our legislators going to go to fight climate change?

They're immune to all of their taxes and stupid rules anyway, they don't care. It's the middle-class and lower-income people who are going to be affected the most because their livelihoods depend on cars.

We say don't buy into the hype, keep driving your car!

Click here to read more at the Sacramento Bee.

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