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CA Dems' communication office gets six-figure remodel

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The Assembly office that helps Democratic members with press releases and constituent mail is getting a big $160,000 makeover complete with new carpet, fresh paint, drywall, and other renovations.

The Democratic Office of Communications and Outreach is the new name for the decades old Speaker’s Office of Member Services.

The Sacramento Bee broke down what the work includes:

  •  $93,555 for new carpet
  • $27,132 for framing, drywall and electrical work
  •  $46,000 to repaint the space in blue and silver

The makeover is more than double the $80,000 allotted in the current budget for Assembly office alterations.

John Casey, a spokesperson for Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount), said the renovations fix up a place that hadn't had new carpet in more than 15 years, an no new paint or improvements since the 1990s:

“The office was incredibly dated. It was incredibly worn."

Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, said:

"Regrettably what we’ve seen in the past, whether it’s a city hall or a Board of Equalization office, is they tend to go overboard with high-luxury items and accoutrements. This is not the Office of Emergency Services where you need a new communications system. This is a political operation and they’re spending taxpayer money.”

Click here to read more at the Sacramento Bee.

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