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Jerry Brown signs bill to help Josh Newman from recall

Josh Newman - Twitter

Yesterday Governor Jerry Brown signed a second version of the new recall rules concocted by the Democrats to stop the removal of state senator Josh Newman.

The bill, which was introduced to the Legislature just three days ago, would lengthen the recall timeline. Democrats insist that the recall effort has been deceptive, so they want to give people who signed the petitions the chance to remove their names.

What's really shady is that this change to the recall process would be applied retroactively, a clear effort to help Josh Newman from getting kicked out.

The Democrats' argument is so stupid. They say voters were tricked into signing a petition to end the gas tax, not a petition to recall Newman. Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) said:

"Let’s protect that democratic right of the person who learns they've been deceived."

What? How about protecting the people's right to have a recall? Newman voted for the gas and the car tax, he went right along with the democratic supermajority. That's why he needs to go, so they can stop cramming tax after tax down our throats!

Click here to read more at the L.A. Times.

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