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Chad Mayes remains Assembly GOP Leader for now

Assemblyman Chad Mayes

Last night an attempt to kick out Chad Mayes as the California Assembly Republican Leader fell short, so it looks like he'll stay in that position for now.

The 25-member Assembly Republican caucus met for two hours yesterday, three days after state party officials called on Mayes to either step down or be replaced.

They could only gather 10 votes against him, falling short of 3 votes. There will be another meeting on August 29th.

Mayes, who doesn't plan on stepping down, said:

"The caucus made a decision, and the decision was we are all going to get together next Tuesday and we’re going to vote."

Chad Mayes and the other 7 Republicans who voted for the cap-and-trade gas tax sold out and stabbed middle class and low-income families in the back. Mayes still maintains that his vote was justified, and says the Republican party needs to adapt:

“You can either convert folks to believe in the things you believe in, or you can go out and begin to reflect Californians. The party hasn’t done a good job of converting folks. In fact, we’ve done a good job of repelling individuals. And we haven’t done a good job of reflecting Californians.”

Click here for more at the L.A. Times.

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