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There are enough valid signatures for a Josh Newman recall election

Credit: Josh Newman Twitter

Big news dropped on Friday! Three counties have received enough verified signatures to kick off the recall election of state Senator Josh Newman, and kill the Democratic Supermajority in the California Legislature.

Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties submitted more than the required 63,593 valid signatures, and there are still more to count.

Now Secretary of State Alex Padilla has 10 days to certify the signature results. Once he does that, Governor Jerry Brown must schedule an election within 60 to 80 days.

The Democrats have been trying everything they can to keep the recall from happening, you can click here to read more about their latest move today.

They say that the recall effort has been deceptive, and that people were tricked into signing a referendum on the gas tax instead of a recall. State Democrats want to delay the election until next year so people who were "tricked" into signing can remove their signature.

Hopefully we can keep the momentum going and get the recall election to happen this November!

Click here to read more at the Sacramento Bee.

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