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Family preparing grandfather's funeral finds corpse foot in grave

Credit: Butler Family

(Credit: Butler Family)

A Family is shaken and sad after a burial for their beloved grandfather uncovered a rotting corpse foot in the grave next to his casket.

The family of Cleveland Butler was shocked again when the foot rested on top of his blue casket. Daughter Sandra Butler told the New York Daily News:

"This was a very traumatizing situation, first dealing with losing my father and then this. I couldn’t even look at it. It was too much and no one said anything to us. It was like business as usual for them. They just dumped the dirt in the plot like it was normal, like it’s nothing to them.”

Cleveland Butler died of a stroke at nursing home in Brooklyn, and the family gathered last Friday for a brief service at Robeson and Brown Funeral Home in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

They then trekked over to the New Jersey cemetery where their mother and grandparents are buried.

 Alonzo Butler said:

“We all looked down and we were looking at what apparently was a human foot and leg wrapped in plastic, with cloth wrapped around it, sticking out on top of my father’s casket."

He said workers ignored the foot and quickly filled the grave:

“They heard it was a leg on the casket and they didn’t even try to investigate it."

In addition to the foot incident, the family says a burial worker accidentally dropped a pack of cigarettes and his phone into the open grave.

Sounds like the workers there need to be a little more careful, and a little more mindful of grieving families.

Click here to read more at the New York Daily News.

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