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Oil companies gave $240K to Assembly members who voted for climate gas tax

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California Assembly members who were swing votes for the cap-and-trade gas tax were among the top recipients of donations from oil companies, an analysis has found.

Oil companies in the Western States Petroleum Association and other industry groups gave more than $240,000 to Assembly members in the first half of this year as they debated whether or not to extend cap-and-trade.

The Republicans who voted for the legislation have a phony argument saying that if they didn't pass the extension, then CARB would make things much worse for the state.

Jerry Brown and lawmakers met with people in the oil industry behind closed doors, working out deals and concessions.

The Associated Press reports that of the 9 Assembly members who got more than $10,000 from oil interests, 6 of them are moderate Democrats or Republicans who were considered swing votes.

All 6 of them backed the deal.

Assemblyman Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) got $19,700 from oil companies, more than any lawmaker. Republican Assembly Leader and backstabber Chad Mayes got $15,300.

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