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Burglar who didn't flush toilet left fecal evidence for police

Andrew David Jensen - Ventura County Sheriff

(Andrew David Jensen - Ventura County Sheriff)

A man who broke into a Thousand Oaks home was busted by his own poop. He stopped to use the bathroom of the house he was robbing, but he failed to flush the toilet.

Investigators collected the evidence left in the bowl and were able to match the DNA with another profile in a national database.

Detectives tracked down the suspect and found him at his home in Ventura. The culprit, 42-year-old Andrew David Jensen, was arrested on July 28th for first-degree residential burglary.

His bail was set at $180,000.

Detective Tim Lohman of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office says this is the first DNA burglary match case that he's aware of with fecal evidence taken from a toilet:

"When people think of DNA evidence, they usually think of hair samples or saliva."

Jensen is scheduled to make his first appearance in court tomorrow.

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