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Cyclist yanks driver from car in Koreatown tussle

A cyclist pulled a driver out of his car at a Koreatown intersection and roughed him up, after the driver hit him.

It happened around 10:30 p.m. last night at 6th street and Hobart Blvd, where about 50 to 60 cyclists blocked an intersection during a red light.

One of the cyclists was hit as the driver of the car tried to squeeze through the crowded intersection. The cyclist went into the car, pulled out the driver,and beat him up.

Video shows the driver on the ground, pinned down by another man as a crowd surrounds them.

The driver and the cyclist were not arrested and nobody was seriously injured, according to LAPD.

You can't block an intersection with 50 to 60 bikes. Something bad was bound to happen.

Click here to see the story at ABC7.

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