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LA Times Editorial Board calls drivers against "Road Diets" selfish

Vista Del Mar

The L.A. Times Editorial Board is a joke. Last week they put out a piece on the Road Diets called, "Selfish motorists are fighting L.A.'s street safety projects. City Hall needs to find the courage to fight back."

Selfish?! How insulting is that? Is it really selfish to go to work, or get home to your family, without sitting in terrible gridlock?

Eric Garcetti and Mike Bonin want to turn Los Angeles into some kind of Scandinavian bicycle utopia, but that will never work here. The sprawl is huge, would you honestly bike to work?

The L.A. Times thinks you're selfish for wanting access to the roads that you pay taxes for. Here's a bit of their piece:

"The callousness of some of the commuters complaining about Los Angeles’ attempts to make the streets safer has bordered on satire. But this is no joke — there is a real possibility that traffic concerns and knee-jerk opposition to change will override good public policy and slow, or even reverse, L.A.’s ambitious plan to dramatically reduce deadly crashes on local streets..."

You can click here to read the full piece, and check out our dramatic reading of the thing below:

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