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#GridlockGarcetti on the "Road Diet" reversal and Sanctuary Cities

Mayor Eric "Gridlock" Garcetti went on Good Day LA this morning to talk about the "road diet" reversal on Vista Del Mar in Playa Del Rey, his stance on sanctuary cities, and the Olympics.

Watch and listen to his answers. This dope really is just an empty suit. When asked about the "road diet" disaster on Vista Del Mar, he just hit the same lame talking points about safety and keeping children from dying.

He brags about how he's such a good listener of the people, and he rubs lotions and oils all over Bonin and LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn for putting the lanes back.

Then he bragged about how "road diets" have worked "beautifully"in other parts of town. He romanticized them saying how the people loved them and how businesses "flourished."

When asked about sanctuary cities and what kind of federal funds Los Angeles could lose, Garcetti said:

"Well I guess I'm just too pro-police to stop listening to my chief and chiefs around the country..look we wanna have trust with the folks we police, there's a common misperception that so-called sanctuary cities are actually keep criminals, rewarding them."

He added:

"Our values aren't for sale. I listen to what the cops say."

What a bunch of twisted nonsense! 

Then he went on to brag about how the Olympics will come to Los Angeles and how great that will be for the city.

That's all this guy cares about, the stuff that makes him look good. He's an awful Mayor.

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