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Vision Zero's rigged data makes cyclists more important than drivers

"Vision Zero" is Eric Garcett's master plan to force everyone in Los Angeles out of their cars. Proponents say the program is really about safety, but we know it's really about control.

The data used for "Vision Zero" is incredibly rigged. It uses a point system that weighs the death of someone riding a bicycle 3 times more heavily than someone who died driving a car.

What kind of a scam is that?! 

Eric Preven and Joshua Preven have a great piece in City Watch explaining it all:

"Why did it choose Vision Zero safety improvement sites based on a point system which weighed the death of someone riding on a bicycle three times more heavily than it did the death of someone riding in a car? 

Launched by Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2015, Vision Zero Los Angeles is a citywide initiative to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2025. The initiative has already spent tens of millions of dollars on road modification projects around the city, and is expected over the next eight years to spend hundreds of millions more. 

How did the Mayor decide which roads to modify and in what way? 

The answer is that he and the scores of City employees working full-time on the Vision Zero initiative used a point system..."

Click here to continue reading at City Watch.

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