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Man charged with criminal homicide looks a bit like John

(Christopher Leclair -Erie County Department of Corrections)

Police and a prosecutor from Pennsylvania will be at the autopsy of a woman found on the shores of Lake Erie to determine if the body is that of a suspected homicide victim.

They want to know if the body is that of 51-year-old Karen Leclair. She was reported missing on June 11 by her husband, a commercial fisherman named Christopher Leclair.

He told police and the Coast Guard that day that Karen had a queasy stomach and was sitting on the edge of the boat when she fell overboard while he wasn't looking.

Christopher Leclair was charged with criminal homicide because dock cameras show him leaving with his wife on June 10, the day before he reported her missing, and returning alone.

He was also recorded getting on his boat on June 11 and returning alone.  

Looking at his mugshot, he kind of looks like John when he gets worked up over an issue. 

Here's a little side-by-side comparison:

You should know, that picture of John is part of a larger picture:

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