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Speeding up executions won't 'deal mortal blow' to CA Supreme Court - It'll be just fine

Last November California voters did something right for a change, they voted to speed up the death penalty by approving Prop 66.

The L.A. Times' has a piece called "Trying to speed up executions could deal 'mortal blow' to California Supreme Court," which is one of the lamest pieces of fake news we've ever read.

The whole story basically centers around quotes from Jon Eisenberg, president of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers:

“Prop. 66 would require the California Supreme Court to decide virtually nothing but death penalty appeals for at least the next five years — almost no civil cases at all and no criminal cases other than capital murder."

What a bunch of hyperbole. The voters made their decision, don't try to guilt us by saying the state Supreme Court will come to a screeching halt.

San Bernardino County D.A. Mike Ramos was one of the leading voices behind speeding up the death penalty in California. He says the claims made in the L.A. Times piece are totally absurd.

Check out his interview from today's show:

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