Modern Day Hippies Create A Psychadelic Community Both Online and In Person

DoubleBlind is a media company that has crafted its message based on discovering psychedelics with the emboldened spirit of hippies from yesteryear.

Created in 2019, DoubleBlind's founders are two young journalists Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin. The pair of Columbia University master's grads produce a biannual magazine dedicated to the world of psychedelics. Their topics range from emerging science in psychedelics, legislation, or even how to grow your own magic mushrooms.

DoubleBlind doesn't only have an online presence including paid online courses, but they also host real-world events. Last month in Cuyama Valley California DoubleBlind assembled 200 people to smoke cannabis and trip on psychedelics along with other hippy stuff, all while glamping. Attendees paid $450 for the weekend if they brought their own tent while some paid extra for more luxurious accommodations.

The founders of DoubleBlind trust in the benefits of psychedelics and their mission is to reach out to people who are interested in mind-expanding experiences. Hartman believes psychedelics have changed her life for the better.

As a kid, I had a hard time focusing. Ayahuasca actually reached into my brain and showed me. I heard the ayahuasca say to me, 'This is what it's like to focus.'"

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