In 1993, I was a 21-year-old community college student working full-time in the wonderful world of retail.I took a Radio/ Television production class that required an internship, I dreamed of finding an internship at a television station and making it big in the world of TV. Well, that didn’t happen. I got an internship at KFI.Little did I know that KFI was poised to become THE talk station in Southern California.  After my internship spent opening mail and answering phones, I was approached with the opportunity to be a “screener” on The Bill Handel show....for a whopping $5.25 an hour!(Never mind that I had to drive an HOUR from the OC every day at 4am.  So even though gas was, I think, 99 cents a gallon at the time, my $5.25 an hour and 20 hours a week barely paid for the gas needed to get back and forth to work.  So I had to keep my full-time job as well, all while going to school full-time.) Little did I know that screeners were just a step up from pond scum and my job served three basic purposes.get breakfast & snacksmake coffeescreen the abusive calls that came into the show.Eventually, my part-time thing turned into working many more hours than I should for no additional pay to learn about the wonderful world of producing. When Bill's producer went on maternity leave, I filled in. When she decided not to return, I was asked if I wanted the job for a pittance above what I was already making. Against my better judgment, I said yes.Because of that, I missed out on the opportunity to transfer to a university for a REAL college experience (you know what I’m talking about... slacking off and stumbling home half-naked with puke in your hair after getting rip-roaring drunk at fraternity parties.)With the exception of about 2 years when I worked on other projects here at KFI, I’ve been with Bill’s show my entire KFI career. Why? I like that Bill's a big A-hole and it's fun for me knowing that the women in Bill’s life control him…I like being a part of that.So that’s it about me except that I’m a native New Yorker, a "Lawng Gyelander"....brought forcibly to California by my parents at the tender age of 15. I’m half Italian/half German, my breasts are a 42F (Bill asked me to add this...I used to think they were a 40D, but after seeing 'bra wizard' I realized I had been wearing the wrong size for all these years) and I’m reasonably OK looking.  I got married October 2010, but we've been together since 2001.My husband and I have a dog, Princess Grace Kelly...a 6 pound chihuahua that controls our lives.Peace out!