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Florida Sheriff Arrests His Own Daughter for "Trafficking Meth"

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A Florida Sheriff known for cracking down on illegal drugs had to arrest his own daughter on suspicion of trafficking meth.

According to the Daily Mail, Kristen Kent, 38, was arrested on Monday afternoon by deputies from the Franklin County Sheriffs Department.

"It's heartbreaking, the last person you ever want to arrest is one of your family members, especially your child- I mean its like you can't even put it into words. I don't think it's anything you wish on your worst enemy to do something like this. She delivered two ounces and that's when she was arrested." said Sheriff Tony A.J. Smith.

Franklin County sheriff arrested his own daughter during sting operation in a situation only described as heartbreaking. Kent faces charges of trafficking methamphetamine of 14 grams or over, drug possession or use, and cocaine possession.

During the sting operation, deputies first arrested a different woman, but when officers asked the woman who supplied her with the drugs, she revealed it was Smith's daughter.

Both women were arrested and posted bail. One was $25,000 and the other was $50,000.

The Sheriff spoke open and honestly about how to approach family members who have been impacted by addiction. The well-respected sheriff said he will use the same tough-love approach with his daughter that he advocates for with other families affected by methamphetamine.

"The last thing you want to see if your child in an orange jumpsuit with handcuffs on. Methamphetamine does not discriminate and neither do we. It does not matter who you are, no one is immune or exempt. Our hearts break over the grief meth causes all, whether you use it, sell it, or love someone who is involved with it." said Smith

More people are believed to be involved in the trafficking case and that more are expected to be arrested. Smith's personal experience drew support from many in the community he serves.

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