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Hawaiin Vlogger Clambers into a Volcanic Fissure to Rescue a Trapped Dog

Funny young cavalier king charles spaniel dog running and jumping  on green grass at nature.

Photo: Getty Images

A Hawaiian adventurer filmed himself climbing into a 25 foot volcanic fissure to rescue a dog that had been trapped there for two days.

According to the Daily Mail , Kawika Singson is renowned on the island for getting up close to volcanoes-normally to snap an incredible eruption photo. When the dog went missing and was tracked, via its GPS collar, to fissure into Kalauea volcano, on the island of Hilo, he was the first call they made to rescue the animal.

Footage from Singson's headcam shows him repelling down for some time before reaching the whimpering dog. The dog was trapped for two days. The dog's owner was a teenage boy named only Cody.

Footage shows Singson repelling down for some time before reaching the whimpering dog, hiding in between several rock plates. He grabbed the pet by the collar before securing it in a safety harness and slowly ascending up the tight fissure towards the crew waiting above.

The dog was thankfully uninjured despite the 25 foot fall and two days without food and water.

Singson is a well-known figure in Hawaii, having captured photos of volcanic eruptions over the years.

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