A Man is in Critical Condition After His Wife Drove Over Him Twice

Under Arrest

Photo: Getty Images

A man was critically hurt because his wife drove over him twice. The man was trying to dislodge a bowling bowl that had been thrown in front of their car.

According to KRCGTV the couple ran over the bowling ball and the ball became lodged under their car. Later that day a suspect went to a police station and admitted to throwing the ball in front of the moving car. After they stopped the man crawled under the car and tried to remove the ball. While the husband was underneath the car a suspect approached the vehicle tried to take the woman's purse.

During the struggle the woman's foot hit the gas and she ran over her husband. She then threw the car in reverse and ran over him again while he cried out. The suspect fled without the purse.

The couple is 25 years old. The husband was taken to the hospital in critical condition. He was in stable condition as of Saturday. The identity of the couple has not been released.

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