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Man Opens Up About Six Month Aquatic Affair with a Dolphin

Dolphin Swimming In Sea

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A Florida man, Malcolm Brenner. was seduced by a dolphin, according to him. According to Express, Malcolm opened up about his sexual relationship with the mammal saying she "came on" to him.

Brenner met Dolly, the dolphin, in the 1970s. The affair took place at Dolly's water park home in Sarasota Florida.

"There is something quite transcendental about making love with a dolphin. I call it a relationship because that's what it was." Brenner said

Brenner said the dolphin wooed him by positioning herself so he was rubbing against her. Benner was Dolly's photographer and was given access to all areas in her home. He has defended his actions by saying it was the dolphin who came on to him during his time in her home. He tried to reject the dolphins advances but was eventually seduced and that lead to a six-month long affair. Although there was a male dolphin in the facility Brenner was able to avoid him, for time alone with Dolly.

When the Sarasota park closed down in Florida, Dolly was relocated and had to leave her lover behind. The dolphin passed away in the new facility. Brenner believes she committed suicide by intentionally refusing to breathe. Due to Dolly's death, Brenner fell into a 5 year depression.

This isn't the first time Mr. Brenner has had some form of sexual encounter with an animal. During his teenage years he attempted to have sex with the family's dog. He released a book in 2010, with a story centered around Zachary Zimmerman, a liberal arts student who was photographing a dolphin. This book is said to be somewhat an autobiography by Mr. Brenner about him experience with Dolly.

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